Values, Ethics and Environment

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Rudolf Kolářský
Igor Míchal


The devastation of the Earth, already frightening and continuous, witnesses that humans have not been able sufficiently orientate their behaviour with regard to the value of terrestrial nature. Prevention of the global catastrophe depends on our valuing system. It is an impulse to some questions. Does it suffice to change values only? Is a change of values necessary? And if it is necessary, how do we change our values and what values must we change? Nearly three decades of discussions attest that the search for answers is an ongoing process.


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Kolářský, R., & Míchal, I. (2007). Values, Ethics and Environment. Envigogika, 2(1).
Author Biographies

Rudolf Kolářský

Rudolf KOLARSKY, Institute of Philosophy, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Prague

Igor Míchal

Igor MÍCHAL Federal Committee for the Environment, Prague, Czechoslovakia