Networking European Universities through e-learning (reviewed text)


  • Jana Dlouhá





Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe (VCSE) network has been selected to be part of the EC DG EAC Inventory of innovative good practice on education for sustainable development.
The main purpose of the Inventory is to show concrete examples which have been implemented in the Member States under the concept of ESD in formal and non-formal learning contexts and which are at the forefront as regards innovative approaches. Projects/programmes selected as innovative good practice will be used to inform the preparation of the next Progress Report on the EU Sustainable Development Strategy in Education. See European Commission DG Education and Culture Inventory of innovative practices in education for sustainable development, the case study VCSE - Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe (EUROPEAN LEVEL), page 33.


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Author Biography

Jana Dlouhá

RNDr. Jana Dlouhá, Ph.D.

Odpovědný redaktor Envigogiky.

Vystudovala obor ochrana životního prostředí (PřF UK) a postgraduálně filozofii výchovy (PedF UK). V současné době působí v Centru pro otázky životního prostředí UK; zabývá se především tvorbou výukových textů a koordinací vzdělávacích programů


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31. 05. 2008

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