A thinking and non-technical approach to issues, their safeguarding and the thoughtful (poetic) handling of them


  • Jiří Olšovský




enframement, technology, vigilance of thinking


This paper shows that it possible to wrench oneself free of the forces of machination and distancelessness, when through our own thinking, we can come to a new vigilance of thought. Thus one can say that men shall become true mortals, they will dwell non-anthropocentrically between heaven and earth in relation to the holy dimensions of nature. Our discourse begins to answer to the demand of true being, and acquires the characteristic of original poiesis. Only then can man release himself to beauty to enable him to live within acts of truth, and thus overcome the destiny of enframing and re-entering the heart of nature.


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Author Biography

Jiří Olšovský

Institute of Philosophy,

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic



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15. 10. 2013

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Olšovský, J. (2013). A thinking and non-technical approach to issues, their safeguarding and the thoughtful (poetic) handling of them. Envigogika, 8(3). https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.389



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