The need for fundamental change in Education


  • Salim Lardjane RCE Bretagne and Université de Bretagne Sud
  • Françoise Laveuve RCE Bretagne, France
  • Mari Nuutinen RCE Espoo, Finland



education, transformative learning, open educational area, Sustainable Development Goals


In the Unescopress document of September 6th, 2016, UNESCO reminds us that Education must change in order to achieve the Goals of the Global Action Program.

UNESCO's new report on World Education Monitoring shows the great potential of education to promote progress towards the global goals set out in the new Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also shows that education needs a major transformation to realize this potential and to meet the current challenges fthat humanity and the planet are facing.


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Author Biographies

Salim Lardjane, RCE Bretagne and Université de Bretagne Sud

RCE Bretagne and Univer sité de Bretagne Sud, LMBA UMR CNRS 6205, France

Françoise Laveuve, RCE Bretagne, France

RCE Bretagne, France

Mari Nuutinen, RCE Espoo, Finland

RCE Espoo, Finland


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29. 11. 2017

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