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Pavel Kovář


Environmental problems – in the context of global climate change, reduction in the capacity of the landscape to support life, resource exhaustion or lifestyle changes – have become an important political theme. At the same time, the fundamental social and economical function of universities has start to prevail. On top of this, demands on the high quality of its “outcomes” as a basic level of reliability for decision making processes grow. Universities are thus being differentiated according to their research performance (as research universities/polytechnics) – a process is especially visible in the Czech context. All stakeholders including NGOs will more require yet more “hard data” and information verified by standard procedures of science, and the need for high-level experts in all fields will grow.


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Kovář, P. (2007). Universities, science, education and global development. Envigogika, 2(3). https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.24
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Pavel Kovář

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