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Miriam Prokešová


Thoughts about place are concerned with the influence of the individual's of childhood on his/her identity that is built in the context of his life. The author is inspired by the thoughts of Norberg-Schulz and his phenomenology of the place and landscape. The terms "natural place" and "artificial place" are related to reminiscence and adventures of the author's own childhood, and the other possible forms of landscape as cosmic, romantic, classical and complex are explored using the same internal experience. Theoretical thoughts lead to the question of the misplacement of the human being in the contemporary world as a consequence of the misplacement from his natural, as well as artificial "place". "Landscape of the childhood" is deeply embedded in the individual's perception and has a formative effect through the individual's development - it also forms understanding of the place named "home", which is point of departure from the philosophical, sociological or pedagogical perspective.


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Prokešová, M. (2008). Home - transformations of place. Envigogika, 3(2). https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.32
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