Drugs in Drinking Water and the Impact of the Media

František Kožíšek, Petr Pumann
DOI: https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.388


The paper summarizes the results of a research project that monitored the incidence of pharmaceuticals in drinking water in the Czech Republic and their health risks, and discusses the communication of such results to the public through mass media. Some media tried to change the meaning of the results in their headline and the introduction to their report and suggest to readers that pharmaceuticals in drinking water pose a risk, although the research did not prove this and the related press report did not mention or even suggest it. The paper discusses possible reasons why the media behaves in such a way, and strategies for how to openly communicate research findings to the public without them being misinterpreted.


pitná voda; léčiva; veřejnost; vnímání rizika; komunikační média

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