Example of using wiki-software in environmental education at university: evaluation of the course Management of Environmental Protection


  • Martin Zahradník
  • Lenka Pachmanová




e–learning, wiki, environmentální akční kompetence, komunikační nástroje e-learningu


The article deals with the possibilities of using wiki software (and specifically the electronic encyclopedia Enviwiki) in developing action competence in environmental education courses at the university. The example of the course organized by the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, examines the strengths and weaknesses of this type of teaching. It is focused on both: on the outputs of the course and the related assessment of students' work, and on the process of creating a requisite academic essay, and last but not least, on the reflection of the course by students themselves. The article underlines the importance of choosing quality information resources and the ability to deal constructively with critical comments as important factors influencing the outcome of student work. It describes the communication tools used in the process of writing an academic text and summarizes the results of a pilot version of the questionnaire survey, which despite some difficulties confirms students' interest in this type of teaching. Due to a limited number of course participants it is not possible to generalize the findings, although on the other hand, the chosen methodology allowed a detailed analysis of the studied phenomena. The authors therefore hope that the experience can serve as a source of inspiration for a wider discussion about the issues of e-learning, especially its social dimension, and for further research.


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22. 12. 2009

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