Environmental literacy of the pupils of the secondary school in the city of Žatec – research study

Silvie Svobodová, Roman Kroufek
DOI: https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.514


The article presents the results of investigation into the environmental literacy of pupils between the ages of 12 and 15 attending elementary school in Žatec, in the district of Louny. The study was devoted to three aspects of environmental literacy: 1) environmental attitudes; 2) commitment to environmental behaviour; 3) real environmental behaviour in everyday situations. The authors took a sample of 67 respondents from Years 6 to 9 to explore the relationship of the particular components of environmental literacy – using tailored research tools, extended and edited versions of a questionnaire; and the effect of respondents‘ gender or age on the measured values of the three chosen aspects.

A relationship between the attitudes and behaviour, real and intended, was not proven; the same as the effect of gender on the chosen components of the environmental literacy was not shown to be significant. However, the results regarding the influence of age of respondents on particular aspects brought more notable findings – there was no remarkable difference in attitudes across the classes, however the results of intended and real behaviour, i. e. the intention to act positively for the environment and fulfilling this intention, decreased as age increased. 


environmental literacy; environmental education; quantitative research

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