Students and Scientists: How to provide dialogue about climate change




climate change, student strikes, Fridays for Future, Academy of Sciences, dialogue


Climate change is starting to inflame perceptible problems, as reflected by the students’ associated in the worldwide Fridays for Future movement. Students’ strikes are also organized in the Czech Republic, yet, this is not the only activity that students are involved in. They engage in dialogue with societal actors, for example with scientists, from whom they expect not only reliable data and evidence but also moral support. This text seeks to offer ideas for the ongoing dialogue between scientists and students, and anticipate its result. It is about discussion, has a discussion charter, and calls for discussion – we welcome any suggestions that could help to further this debate.


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Author Biography

Jana Dlouhá, Charles University Environment Center

Researcher in Charles University Environment Centre; co-founder of the Enviwiki knowledge base; vice-president of international network of higher education institutions Copernicus Alliance. Concerned with transformative education and educational transformation in the light of sustainable development; interests span from digital media, open education resources, to social learning and participatory approaches in public dialogue.


15. 07. 2019

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Dlouhá, J., & Dlouhý, J. (2019). Students and Scientists: How to provide dialogue about climate change. Envigogika, 14(1).




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