Current methods of experiential pedagogy in adult education abroad


  • Monika Janáková Pedagogická fakulta MU Brno



experiential pedagogy, lifelong learning, neuroscience, participation


The text introduces the methods of experiential pedagogy in adult education that are used abroad; and consideres effectiveness of these methods. The author recapitulates the results of research from related fields, not only andragogy itself, but also, for example, neuroscience. These fields focus on increasing the effectiveness of lifelong learning programs, their impact on understanding and retaining information, as well as developing “soft” skills that are important for the application of the acquired knowledge in practice. At the same time, it draws attention to the risks of experiential education, which relies on spontaneous activity of the participants – those that are not able to participate are then excluded from the team, with an impact on themselves and the rest of the group. In conclusion, attention in present is increasingly paid to the quality of the experience, which raises the overall interest in participating in lifelong learning programs.


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20. 10. 2020

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